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About us​

Willow and Wicker is best known for being the best listeners in the business as we get it right every time. Whether you need a few hours of our time or to have us generate a projects full scope of designwe are always up for the challenge.

Willow and Wicker practices sustainability and focuses on working with what you already own where ever possible. We pride ourselves in offering our clients multiple solutions for their design needs.

We offer you a vast array of designs ranging from French English CountryMediterraneanBohemian, Indian Contemporary, Rustic, Beach / Hampton’s, Glam, etc.

“Creativity is a wild mind and a creative eye ”
Dorothy PArker

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About the desinger

My love for design started when I was 12. As a child I always knew what drove me to focus, be passionate about and what made my heart sing. It was anything and everything to do with designing be it clothes, jewellery, balconies, homes, furniture and minds. It always came with a cosmic passion and I did not know anything beyond. So I kept sketching and putting all my ideas on paper which I still have to this date. I pull them out once in a while to remind myself what I was destined to do and I’m glad I didn’t stray away from the path I was meant to follow.

Willow and Wicker was started in 2017 and to this date there has been no looking back. I am a hands on designer that has learnt everything I know from spending a lot of time on the ground, evaluating, providing and receiving suggestions from my team. Yes, getting your hands dirty is the only way to learn and ensure the best outcomes.

I have an advanced diploma in wood joinery and timber species and work together with my team if a project needs extra hands. It helps me in inspect and examine the finer details.
Building trust with every client is of key importance as it helps in seamless execution of the project delivery.

I persevere till I know that a client is beyond satisfied and happy with the outcome of his/her vision.

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Mission Statement

The creative experience we provide is highly collaborative and deeply personal, resulting in sophisticated spaces that reflect on how our clients love to live.