Getting inspired is the best way to get you started. It is what keeps us moving ahead. Creativity is at its peak when it is derived from an inspiration and here you will find images that have inspired us to create and may help inspire you too. Do check it out!


What’s trending

C’è anche una funzione nautica nel Naviquartz. Negli anni ’60 era comune che le grandi chiatte fossero dotate di sistemi di orologi replica cronometraggio Patek Philippe. Questi erano usati per la navigazione ed erano sistemi di ridondanza che mantenevano il tempo in tutta la nave.

Getting ahead of the game is not what its all about. Knowing what everyone is running after and sometimes going the other way is a good thing. That what starts a “trend”. Get the latest on what’s creating a stampede in the architecture and design realm and stay informed on the latest in colour, texture, materials and everything else.


All About Material

We all want to know what goes in our soup! Today we want to be educated on the products we use. Knowing how our homes are designed. For those aiming towards either buying a single piece of furniture or getting their entire home designed are better assured and decided when they know what they are paying for and why.


Do It Yourself

Wanting to create something with your own hands brings a certain sense of achievement. It can be the most easiest way of owning something which is either unaffordable or unavailable. So your next best thing is to Do It Yourself.

Here are some fun DIY’s for you to try and have fun creating.