One of my favourite trends which is taking precedence today is bringing back natural and organic elements in design. This trend is everything Willow and Wicker has been moulded around and a style that emphasizes warmth and comfort.

Known by many names – Green Interiors, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design… actually there isn’t any specific name but that’s the beauty of it right there, its just natural and brings about a sense of earthiness and rawness that really defines this design style. If I were to give it a name it would be “Earthen”

[and people who live in an earthen home will be called earthlings]

Thats is a terrible pun, but I just had to get it out…

Right – so what made us want to bring this trend back?  – Personally, I think people got overly creative working with unnatural materials and caught up in a capitalist mindset of making a difference, that we have strayed away from the basic elements of design. It’s like when you leave home to study or work abroad, some part of you yearns to go back home or take a piece of home with you wherever you go.

It’s what makes you feel safe and comforted.

We started to realize how far away from home we were and some of us felt it’s time to go back to the cradle.

However you may be someone who larks in the nimbus of modernization and don’t get me wrong I do love the design styles that modern architecture and interiors have gifted our evolving lifestyles –

but creating design with a subtle mix of the old and new always helps in keeping it timeless.

Here are a few ways to create a space that is “Earthen” –

it starts with a lifestyle change. Yes! that’s the hard part but there is no other way to do it, especially if you are someone who is used to synthetics.

I will go into more detail on “Green Interiors” in my blog, but for the objective of this design trend update we will marginalize it to interiors and décor and tell you simple ways of creating this style.

So to set the base , think of warm and natural tones. Hues of brown, greens, greys, whites – these colours draw inspiration from the outdoors. A mix and match with any shades of these colours and you will never go wrong.

Use of stone, marble granite, pebbles address this design trend.

Also think of using recycled and handcrafted products not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their eco-friendly design approach.

A fun way to use natural elements is by incorporating the use of jute rugs, cushions or on chair backs.

Hemp fabric can be used in curtains and table covers [can’t wait to tell you more on this wonderful fabric and how much better it is than cotton ] keep an eye out that one!

Use coconut shell for food bowls, candle holders and soap trays.

Decorate a coffee table with fresh or dry flowers

Plants are a great way to bring in color and freshness to a room

Old doors and windows can work beautifully as room dividers or wall décor.

Raw cut wood rounds give you a rustic and warm look – use it for placemats, coasters, candles stands, cheese boards, or just anywhere you want to place an object.

You can get as creative as you like, remember you can never go wrong designer or not!!

Love in Stone,


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