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People have been drawn towards nature to curate their homes that are both functional and decorative, from wooden chests for storage to the sustained beauty of a hand-woven rug. The warmth of a home is distinguished through its mobilization of all the elements of nature besides a happy and loving environment for all to thrive on.

Have you ever tried hugging a tree? When was the last time you walked bare-foot on sand? Did you plan that expensive holiday to relax in the beauty of the forest or hear the breaking of the waves? Has the redundancy of a 9-5 set your body to mechanically endure stress but your mind is screaming for a VACATION. Oh yes! We all find that peace and solace in nature. We need our mind and body to rejuvenate, to bring us back to the center of our physical being and nothing can do a bang up job better than nature.

For most “Home is where the Heart is” but I say unto thee “your Heart is Where your Home is: contestably What your home is” Which brings me to ask you if you do go home to relax or just continue to amalgamate with your “home duties” thereby coercing you into running away to curl yourself in natures lap. Before you go looking to connect with nature (which we must all do from time to time) why not come home to curl up on your couch and relish the beauty of your own home.

We want to help you experience this every day! This want has been driven from my own experience after long hours of work and a busy home schedule which helps in understanding what you truly deserve even if you are still trying to figure out what it is you need.

Love in Stone,

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